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Manufacturing Farm Tillage Tools for Over 100 Years

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A Strong Legacy Before. A True Leader Now.

Wiese Industries grew into the company it is today by producing the tools and parts that were crucial to farming operations in the central United States. Wiese has endured as the bench-mark name in the industry; for good reason: In a determined pursuit of integrity and excellence we have consistently made the parts that farmers actually need and ensured those parts work as hard they do. You’ll find Wiese products humbly working away in the soil of most central American farms today, and they’ll be there for generations to come; because farmers and equipment producers alike have come to know Wiese as a name they can trust. We are honoured to have that responsibility.

About Us

Wiese began operations in 1899 in Perry, Iowa and is currently one of the world’s largest manufacturers of farm tillage tools.

Henry Wiese was a blacksmith shop owner in the 19th century and he specialized in repairing plows and farm tillage tools. Henry and his son were both skilled at their trade and soon patented a method for repairing plow shares. As time passed, Henry’s operation progressed to become a prominent manufacturer of farm tillage tools. Wiese’s business was esteemed for dependably finding solutions for customers and producing top-quality parts.

Wiese Industries originated, and is currently still located in Perry. It has evolved from a small blacksmithing shop into 100,000 square foot facility.

Our Story

Our Products

Our primary products include plow shares, moldboards, shins, landsides, chisel spikes, fertilizer knives, V-blades, cultivator tools and a variety of other agricultural-related wear parts.

Our products are made from bar and can be easily customized to meet our customers’ specifications. For example, we have included welded attachments and hard-facing for our products to extend useful life.

While Wiese’s products serve a variety of agricultural-related functions, our main focus is on tillage products used in planting corn and soybeans.

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Product Customization

Our factories have the capacity to produce a wide array of stamped, formed, and welded agricultural and non-agricultural parts.

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A large portion of Wiese’s products is distributed directly to hundreds of dealers across the United States.

In addition to those dealers, Wiese also serves a number of buying groups and sells to state-subsidized farming cooperatives along with a small number of distributors and Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs).

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