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Planter & Drill Opener Blades

High quality opener blades for planters and drills are foundational to achieving reliable emergence with modern farming equipment. In recent years no-till techniques are becoming more common and these practices rely even more heavily on seeding equipment performance. The opener blade is simple enough but it has to work right. Under-performing blades lead to compaction, voids, and potentially hair-pinning of trash and residues. All of these actions negatively impact soil to seed contact and can make it very difficult for roots to achieve optimal depth. We know farmers, and we know how much the little things matter. By using carefully selected alloys, expert heat-treatment, and building robust and reinforced hubs we’ve been making dependable opener blades for decades.

Drill Seed Opener Blades

Name OEM Part Number Diameter
JDK202M Planter Opener Blade John Deere K202M 13-1/2”
P18197JDD Planter Opener Blade John Deere N214190 18”
14118HBO Planter Opener Blade Hay-Buster 7500010, Vermeer 14”
14157HBC Planter Opener Blade Hay-Buster 7500064, Vermeer 14″
14157L Planter Opener Blade Lilliston 500-07-253 14″
M701018 Planter Opener Blade Marliss 701018 15″
701010 Planter Opener Blade Marliss M&W 701010 13”
PG1199 Planter Opener Blade UFT PG119950800057 15″
PG1019 Planter Opener Blade UFT PG119950800057, Tye PG101955-002 13-1/2″

Planter Seed/Fertilizer Opener Blades

Name OEM Part Number Diameter
JD22991 John Deere A22291, A72357, Kinze GD1030 15″
JD22949 John Deere A222949 13.5″

Opener Assemblies

Name Thickness Diameter OEM
42ANI852628 .118” (3mm) 13.5” White, New Idea, Tye
42ACIH90850L .138″ (3.5mm) 14″ Case IH lead
42ACIH90851R .138″ (3.5mm) 14″ Case IH rear
JD20242I3M .118” (3mm) 15” John Deere, Kinze
JD20242 .138” (3.5mm) 15” John Deere, Kinze, White
JD20242XT .138” (3.5mm) 15” John Deere double bearing
42AGP107054S .118” (3mm) 13.5” Great Plains
42GP135 .138” (3.5mm) 13.5” Great Plains
42SFI35 .138” (3.5mm) 15” Sunflower
42SFI35N .138” (3.5mm) 15” Sunflower (newer style)