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9″ XLL Field Cultivator Sweep (202-9-4L)


9″ XLL Field Cultivator Sweep 1/4″ Thick 47° Shank

7/16” Bolts spaced 1 3/4”

Field cultivators make their appearance in the spring and fall, preparing for planting or cleaning up after harvest. We do everything possible to deliver effective and long-lasting tools; our cultivators built out of hard 10B30 Boron steel with quality craftsmanship. Use for soil layer break up, weed-control, trash burial, and fertilizer incorporation.

Part # 9″ XLL Field Cultivator Sweep (202-9-4L)
Category Agriculture
Type Field Cultivator Sweeps
Attachment Method Bolt-on
Crown Height Standard
Wing Profile Parallel Wing
Size 9”225mm
Thickness 1/4”6mm
Shank Angle 47°
Hole Spacing 1 3/4"45mm
Bolt Size 7/16”11mm
Product Category Field Cultivator Sweeps, Specialty Field Cultivator Sweeps, XLL Sweeps

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