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6″ Edge-On PLD Sweep (PLD-6-4)


Edge-On 6″ 1/4″ Thick 85° Shank Angle PENETRATOR

Empire’s PLD line of sweeps are equipped with our signature Penetrator geometry, and cut with parallel wing tips. They maintain their cutting width. Penetrator-style sweeps are designed for hard soil and will generate disturbance. They have an exclusive 37° incline to penetrate more easily; lowering load requirements up to 55%.

Part # 6″ Edge-On PLD Sweep (PLD-6-4)
Category Agriculture
Type Field Cultivator Sweeps
Attachment Method Nok-on
Crown Height Penetrator
Wing Profile Parallel Wing
Size 6”150mm
Thickness 1/4”6mm
Shank Angle 85°
Product Category Empire Edge-On Penetrator Low Density Sweeps, Empire Field Cultivator Sweeps

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