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HD Reversible Spike (75UB)


Heavy Duty 12” Cultivator Point/Alfalfa Spike 1.5” wide, 5/8” thick

Tough chisels made from top-tier hardened steel; guaranteed performance and fitment. Trust Empire chisels to tear through hardpan and compacted layers. You bring the horsepower, we’ve got your chisels.

Part # HD Reversible Spike (75UB)
Category Agriculture
Type Chisel
Attachment Method Bolt-on
Crown Height N/A
Wing Profile N/A
Size 12”300mm
Thickness 5/8”16mm
Hole Spacing 1.25” – 2.25”
Bolt Size 7/16”11mm
Width 1.5”
Product Category Empire Chisels, Empire Heavy Duty Chisels

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