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10mm S-Tine Danish Shank (ST3210)


S-TINE SHANK 32mmX10mm

Part Number: ST3210

Made from spring steel to create “vibra” action for superior weed control

14-1/2″ working clearance

Clamp Bolt Size : 1/2”,
Shank Type : standard 10 mm,
Sweep Bolt Size : 3/8”,
Toolbar Size : 2”,
Weight/ea : 6.5 lbs
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Part # 10mm S-Tine Danish Shank (ST3210)
Weight/ea 6.5 lbs
Toolbar Size 2”
Clamp Bolt Size 1/2”
Sweep Bolt Size 3/8”
Shank Type standard 10 mm
Product Category Danish or “S” Tine Sweeps, Clamps and Shanks, Row Crop, Danish, Bedding/Joyce, and Peanut Sweeps, Middle Worker Points and Reversible Blades, Shanks for Danish or “S” Tine Cultivators

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